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Episode 43

In this, our holiday episode, we’re joined by returning special guest, Duane Wessels, who discusses a recent event involving the root name servers and a lot of obviously spoofed traffic, as well as his ongoing work in the IETF around DNS privacy.  We reach into the mail bag and find a question from our friend, Rob Fleischman, musing about possible additional metadata that recursive servers could send to authoritative servers.  As it happens, Duane’s also working on a DNS protocol extension directly related to Rob’s question, which he tells us about.  Finally, we end with a brief and spoiler-free discussion about The Force Awakens.

Episode 35

In this episode, Matt and Cricket wonder aloud whether they’ve lost their domestic audience, but then rally to answer questions from their remaining international listeners:  Evaggelos Balaskas’s question about SRV records, Joe’s questions about resolver and name server fallback to TCP, and Tommi Nikkilä’s question about multiple CNAME records attached to the same domain name.  And, oddly enough, they wrap up with a discussion of the joy of milk delivery.

Episode 25

In this episode, Matt and Cricket attempt to answer all nine of Jorge Fábregas’s “couple of questions” in a lightning round.  Then they swap war stories about all the travel they’ve been doing and have yet to do (implicitly offering excuses for the long gap between episodes), and finally – and inevitably – discuss Neal Stephenson’s new book, REAMDE.

Episode 13

For the first time ever, Matt and Cricket have a guest host, Duane Wessels, recently of DNS-OARC and now at VeriSign.  Matt, Duane and Cricket answer Christoph Kluenter’s question about IPv6-only name servers, Rick Andrews’s question about how software distinguishes IP addresses from domain names, and Rainer Duffner’s question about whether Google is omniscient or just sneaky.  In addition, Matt demonstrates his formidable command of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001:  A Space Odyssey,” and both Matt and Cricket gush about author Neal Stephenson and his latest novel, “Anathem.”