Posts from January 2011.

Episode 20

In this episode, Matt and Cricket answer Dana S’s question (submitted from Kurdistan!) about the wisdom (or folly) of implementing an OpenDNS-like system using multiple views, as well as Alex Wilkinson’s questions about what all those SRV records that Domain Controllers register are for and whether BIND name servers can serve them, and which tools they recommend for troubleshooting DNS problems.  Along the way, they plug several web-based troubleshooting tools, including VeriSign’s, Casey Deccio’s and Infoblox’s

But most importantly, they extend an offer of a free black tee shirt (and you can’t have enough of those!) to anyone submitting a question to Mr. DNS that’s answered on a forthcoming podcast!  And if that’s not enough, listeners can also hear Matt best Cricket’s knowledge of Bay Area trivia with an obscure fact about the Westin St. Francis.