Posts from July 2010.

Root DNSSEC Key Attestation

On June 16, 2010, I witnessed the generation of the first root zone key-signing key in the first key ceremony held by ICANN, the IANA functions operator, at its key ceremony facility in Culpeper, VA.  I attest that the following DS record corresponds to the key generated at that ceremony:

. IN DS 19036 8 2  49AAC11D7B6F6446702E54A1607371607A1A41855200FD2CE1CDDE32F24E8FB5

The canonical location of the root zone trust anchor information is Also included there are supporting material and explanatory documentation.

A PGP-signed version of this attestation is available here.

Matt Larson
July 16, 2010

Episode 17

In this episode, Matt and Cricket reveal the first R-rated movies they saw and the circumstances in which they saw them. Oh, and they answer Rob Szarka’s question about the maximum number of NS records a zone can contain and Matt’s unnamed colleague’s question about why we need intrazone NS records at all. Then Matt gives us an insider’s look at the Root Zone’s Key Ceremony.