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Episode 43

In this, our holiday episode, we’re joined by returning special guest, Duane Wessels, who discusses a recent event involving the root name servers and a lot of obviously spoofed traffic, as well as his ongoing work in the IETF around DNS privacy.  We reach into the mail bag and find a question from our friend, Rob Fleischman, musing about possible additional metadata that recursive servers could send to authoritative servers.  As it happens, Duane’s also working on a DNS protocol extension directly related to Rob’s question, which he tells us about.  Finally, we end with a brief and spoiler-free discussion about The Force Awakens.

Episode 31

In this, their inaugural episode for 2013, Cricket and Matt answer a question from the mysterious “Joe” (if that is his real name) about the differences between BIND’s stub zone and conditional forwarding features, prompting some reminiscing about the good old days of BIND 8.  This episode is the third in which we tackle questions from apparent long-time listener Yiorgos Adamopoulos, who wonders about the various features of dig and if Mr. DNS still writes code.

Episode 29

In this episode, Matt and Cricket finally throw in the towel and give up on promising podcasts on any regular schedule.  But they do manage to clear Mr. DNS’s mailbag, answering questions from Ismael Lezcano about the availability of good programming APIs for working with DNS and why BIND doesn’t have a good mechanism for creating and deleting zones dynamically; and from William Brown  about how to induce major registrars to support DNSSEC.

Episode 25

In this episode, Matt and Cricket attempt to answer all nine of Jorge Fábregas’s “couple of questions” in a lightning round.  Then they swap war stories about all the travel they’ve been doing and have yet to do (implicitly offering excuses for the long gap between episodes), and finally – and inevitably – discuss Neal Stephenson’s new book, REAMDE.

Please Stay Tuned!

Thank you for your questions, dear listeners, and please stay tuned! Mr. DNS will be back soon with another podcast. But Matt’s busy and Cricket’s leaving on a trip, so it’ll probably be at least a couple of weeks before they get it together enough to produce another. That’s what you get for working with volunteers.

The Ask Mr. DNS Podcast now available from iTunes Store

Those of you who manage podcasts via iTunes may be interested to know that the Ask Mr. DNS Podcast is now available via the iTunes Store (free, of course):

Ask Mr. DNS via the iTunes Store

There’s really no difference between subscribing to it here or subscribing to it there, but doesn’t it make us seem more official now that we’re on iTunes?

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