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Episode 46

This episode, number 46, features a guest appearance from Roy Arends of ICANN, whom Matt, Roy’s boss, swears wasn’t forced to participate in our forsaken podcast after midnight Oxford time.  Roy’s worked on Unbound, fpdns, DNSSEC, and Nominet’s Turing product.  We answer questions from Jacob Evans about mismatched SOA records and name server support for IPv6 anycast, and from long-suffering listener Evaggelos Balaskas about Response Policy Zones and why he sees different responses to queries for A records for  Along the way, Matt announces his new job, and while tracing the origin of Matt’s pet phrase, “There has been no time,” a discussion of the term “shirt-tail relatives” ensues, during which Cricket forgets the word “commutativity.”

Episode 30

In this latest episode of our evidently-now-quarterly podcast, Matt and Cricket answer Donald Rudder’s question about how common the A6 record is and its effect on DNSSEC.  Then they discuss the upcoming change of’s IPv4 address and the implications of that change.  And despite having only one question to answer, they manage to take up the usual 30 minutes!

Episode 13

For the first time ever, Matt and Cricket have a guest host, Duane Wessels, recently of DNS-OARC and now at VeriSign.  Matt, Duane and Cricket answer Christoph Kluenter’s question about IPv6-only name servers, Rick Andrews’s question about how software distinguishes IP addresses from domain names, and Rainer Duffner’s question about whether Google is omniscient or just sneaky.  In addition, Matt demonstrates his formidable command of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001:  A Space Odyssey,” and both Matt and Cricket gush about author Neal Stephenson and his latest novel, “Anathem.”