Mr. DNS began his career at Hewlett-Packard, where he was affiliated with HP’s Corporate Network Services department and answered questions in a monthly electronic publication called The Nameserver News.  Mr. DNS acknowledges that his style in correspondence owes a debt to Mike O’Brien’s excellent Ask Mr. Protocol and Judith Martin’s Miss Manners columns.

Mr. DNS’s colleagues, Matt Larson and Cricket Liu, left HP to found Acme Byte & Wire in 1997.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. DNS found himself stuffed into the trunk of a car and passed out, only to awaken chained to a desk in Acme’s headquarters.  He spent the next several years answering hundreds of questions posed by his devoted readers, eventually accumulating an impressive database of searchable answers.  (Unfortunately, this vast archive perished during the dot-com collapse of 2002, a loss comparable to the burning of the Library of Alexandria.)

Sadly, after Acme’s acquisition by VeriSign in 2000, Mr. DNS began the downward spiral into dissolution and iniquity so familiar to those in the public eye.  When Matt and Cricket tracked Mr. DNS down in late 2008, he had been living under the raised floor in the data centers of various charitable hostmasters, answering the occasional technical question on USENET newsgroups and fencing obsolescent Cisco gear to feed his sundry nasty habits.

After months of care and patience, Matt and Cricket have managed to rehabilitate Mr. DNS.  He looks forward to the opportunity to earn his redemption by answering your DNS questions.  He eagerly awaits your email to