Matt Larson

Matt is Vice President of Research in the Office of the CTO at ICANN. Previously he was Chief Technology Officer at Dyn, an Internet performance company and the world’s leading managed DNS provider. Prior to that he was Vice President and Director of Verisign Labs at Verisign, which operates some of the largest domain name registries in the world (including .com, currently clocking in at well over 100 million names). He’s a co-author, with Cricket, of DNS on Windows Server 2003, published by O’Reilly Media. He enjoys playing the pipe organ in his house, almost certainly the only organ ever financed with the proceeds of DNS consulting and training. Matt hastens to point out that all the opinions on the podcast are exclusively his and have nothing to do with his employer. Really. Unlike Mr. DNS, he only refers to himself in the third person when writing his own bio.