Posts from February 2009.

Episode 5

In this episode, Matt and Cricket discuss and debate DNS terminology, explaining resolvers (stub resolvers, iterative resolvers), name servers (recursive name servers, authoritative name servers); they ruminate on how much of name server design is undocumented lore; and make many, many insider references.  Oh, and then they remember the name and purpose of the podcast and answer a listener’s questions about lame delegations, revealing a rift between Matt’s and Cricket’s philosophies about them.

Episode 4

In this, their first in-person podcast, Matt and Cricket examine the redundancy of the phrase “aiding and abetting,” discuss quirks in forwarding terminology, and cover two DNS-related security issues:  One in which resolvers are reconfigured by malware to use open recursive name servers, and another — happening on the Internet right now — in which name servers are used as amplifiers in a DDoS attack.