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The Ask Mr. DNS Podcast now available from iTunes Store

Those of you who manage podcasts via iTunes may be interested to know that the Ask Mr. DNS Podcast is now available via the iTunes Store (free, of course):

Ask Mr. DNS via the iTunes Store

There’s really no difference between subscribing to it here or subscribing to it there, but doesn’t it make us seem more official now that we’re on iTunes?

Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Ask Mr. DNS Podcast! In this first episode, we introduce ourselves and talk a little about our backgrounds. We also explain who the heck Mr. DNS is and why we’ve named our podcast after him. Then we actually answer a DNS question and wind up the episode discussing some interesting DNS research we’ve each done.

We hope you enjoy it!

Do you have a question for Mr. DNS?

If you have a question about DNS for Mr. DNS, he’d love to hear it. Drop him a line at