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Episode 40

In this 40th episode–a milestone!–Matt and Cricket answer long-suffering listener Grant Taylor’s question about sorting replies by type and wander into the Land of Happy Eyeballs, then explore an answer Joe Abley received from Mark Andrews of ISC.  Meanwhile, a discussion of the term G-job causes Matt to recount accidentally insulting a group of public servants, and both Matt and Cricket discuss their hope that the new AppleTV will lead to the end of their paying for streaming content they could have watched for free.

Episode 39

In this star-studded episode, Matt and Cricket take advantage of a meeting of the DNS Cabal–that is, the annual “Inside Baseball” event–to answer Donald Rudder’s question about whether synthesizing NXDOMAIN responses to avoid random subdomain attacks would work with NSEC3 as well as NSEC records.  This is followed by a wildly entertaining (by DNS standards, anyway) discussion of the future of DNS, new TLDs, communication in the event of attacks, and more.

Guest-starring some of the brightest lights in DNS, including Kris Beevers, Brian Brady, David Dagon, Casey Deccio, Rob Fleischman, Olafur Gudmundsson, Shumon Huque, David “Tale” Lawrence, and Duane Wessels.

Episode 38

In this episode, long-time (and likely now sole) listener Yiorgos Adamopoulos asks about the the process of signing the root zone, which Mr. DNS has some experience with.  Matt also recaps some of the goings-on at the latest DNS-OARC meeting in Amsterdam, omitting that which must stay in Amsterdam, but revealing some lapses from his DNSSEC RFC-editing days.

Episode 36

In this episode, Matt and Cricket respond to Tommi Nikkilä’s followup to his original question about the legality of multiple CNAME records in a DNS answer, and then react to (to claim they “answer” it is a reach) dedicated listener Yiorgos Adamopoulos’s question about registering domain names with underscores in them.  On the way, Matt describes his quest to set a personal record in his commute from his home in Bethesda to Dyn’s headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, and then (inadvertently?) disses Cricket’s manhood by suggesting that Real Men Drive with Standard Transmissions.  Finally, the guys bemoan their lack of questions, implying that this is somehow responsible for their sporadic production, when we know in fact it’s their own damn fault.

Episode 35

In this episode, Matt and Cricket wonder aloud whether they’ve lost their domestic audience, but then rally to answer questions from their remaining international listeners:  Evaggelos Balaskas’s question about SRV records, Joe’s questions about resolver and name server fallback to TCP, and Tommi Nikkilä’s question about multiple CNAME records attached to the same domain name.  And, oddly enough, they wrap up with a discussion of the joy of milk delivery.

Episode 34

In this episode, Matt and Cricket answer Harry Stein’s question about a DNSstuff search that turned up suspected cache poisoning, and Kirk Davis’s question about Google’s (somewhat crazy) recommendations on how to force the use their non-SSL-based services.

Episode 33

Here, at long last, is Episode 33, in which Matt announces a “Development with a capital D” (and a lowercase “yn”), and Matt and Cricket answer questions from Jason Weber about how to deal with web hosting and a hosted DNS zone; from Chuck Nelis about split DNS; from Michael Simoni about the (waning?) need for multiple zones; and from Matt Pounsett about the dangers of mixing recursion and authority on a single name server.

Episode 32

In this episode, Matt and Cricket answer questions (some posed on Twitter – please welcome Mr. DNS to the 21st Century) from ErrataRob about Verisign’s DNS infrastructure, from devoted listener Yiorgos Adamopoulos on the value of DNS certifications, and from Frederic Cambus about zone file access programs.  And you’ll hear some of Matt’s and Cricket’s thoughts on espresso if you stay till the bitter (ha!) end.

Episode 31

In this, their inaugural episode for 2013, Cricket and Matt answer a question from the mysterious “Joe” (if that is his real name) about the differences between BIND’s stub zone and conditional forwarding features, prompting some reminiscing about the good old days of BIND 8.  This episode is the third in which we tackle questions from apparent long-time listener Yiorgos Adamopoulos, who wonders about the various features of dig and if Mr. DNS still writes code.

Episode 30

In this latest episode of our evidently-now-quarterly podcast, Matt and Cricket answer Donald Rudder’s question about how common the A6 record is and its effect on DNSSEC.  Then they discuss the upcoming change of’s IPv4 address and the implications of that change.  And despite having only one question to answer, they manage to take up the usual 30 minutes!