Episode 23

In this star-studded episode, taped at Dyn Inc.‘s second annual “Inside Baseball” event, Matt and Cricket are joined by a “who’s who” of DNS luminaries. ¬†They answer questions from Bob Harold (who previously received a tee shirt and does not want another) about whether CNAME records terminate a subtree of the namespace, from Warren Kumari about why a domain name that owns a CNAME record can’t own any other record types, from Wayne Ketterer about how to set up DNS so that a given domain name maps to one address internally and another externally, and from Canadian Todd about whether adding glue AAAA records is a good idea. ¬†Then the collected luminaries throw a few “stump the chump”-style questions at Matt and Cricket – a little like shooting fish in a barrel. Tune in to see how well they fare.

Note that the audio isn’t quite up to even our low standards, despite the best efforts of Matt and Tom Daly of Dyn to smuggle decent recording equipment across state lines, but it’s certainly listenable.


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  1. Actually to me it seems to me dig +trace @ http://www.example.com will use to get the list of root nameservers.

    While normally it would the addresses specified in use resolv.conf to get the list of the root nameservers.

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