Episode 7

Matt and Cricket cite two data points as evidence of their burgeoning popularity and answer questions from listeners interested in cutting corners:  One in configuring in-addr.arpa delegation for a /20 network, and another in responding to queries outside of the zones a name server is authoritative for.  Fair warning:  Mr. DNS does not sanction shortcuts!

One comment.

  1. Thanks for another good cast.
    About 20 minutes into this, one of you suggests using an empty response with RCODE zero instead of the root list response.
    According to RFC2308 section 2.2 (type 3) a blank response with RCODE zero appears to mean “NO DATA”.
    In other words, the requested name does exist, there are just no records of the requested type.
    That doesn’t seem like the right response…
    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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